The Rhythmicon was an early electronic music instrument built in 1930 by Leon Theremin at the request of composer/theorist Henry Cowell.
Visit the online Rhythmicon at

Rhythmicon modelled and rendered by Peter Selmayr
Image by Peter Selmayr

The Rhythmicon was designed and programmed in Java Music Specification Language and JSyn by Nick Didkovsky, email:
Commissioned by Minnesota Public Radio

Nick would like to thank Preston Wright for the invitation to work on this project, and Phil Burk for the many insightful discussions, supporting software, and of course JSyn. Nick would also like to thank the following beta testers who helped with bug reports and creative suggestions: David Birchfield, Philip Blackburn, Phil Burk, James Forrest, Kevin Norton, Chris Pepper, Larry Polansky, John Roulat, and Peter Selmayr.

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