Black Sabbath Guitar Lessons with Tabs by Nick Didkovsky
I am very proud to present some of Tony Iommi's solos here, with meticulously transcribed tabs, backing tracks, and video lessons. This project began as an experiment to pay respects to my 1967 Gibson SG Special which I bought in the summer of 2008. Public response exceeded my expectations so I continued the work.

I hope that you will find at least as much value here studying Tony's solos, as I had transcribing and learning them.

Rock on,

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  • Orchid
  • Black Sabbath "Paris Intro"
  • Black Sabbath
  • Children of the Grave
  • Paranoid
  • Iron Man
  • NIB
  • Warning
  • Die Young (Heaven and Hell)
  • Here's some Frank Zappa, too!
  • Cosmik Debris
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    hey man, just finished learning the paranoid solo from your video and tabs. Just wanted to say a huge thanks, because I honestly never thought I'd be able to play this well, and now I can!
    By the way, your band kicks ass!
    Thanks a million!
    Hi Nick.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the Sabbath transcriptions and backing tracks I found on your website.
    I teach guitar and having a good transcription with tab and standard notion, AND backing track is very helpful to me.
    Again, thank you,
    ~Derek, Canada
    Dear Mr. Didkovsky,
    As a fellow Black Sabbath fan, I wanted to thank you for the work you've put in to teaching and writing tablatures for some of Tony Iommi's solos. Speaking on behalf of many of us, it really means a lot to us to learn his material.
    I hope you'll continue your noble work!
    Thank you very much,
    Doctor Nerve,
    I performed Paranoid today with a band in Manchester (England), in front of 220 people, very scary I've never played live before. Wouldn't have had the confidence to do the solo without learning from your video lessons, so just wanna say thanks & keep up the good work.
    Fantastic!! Best Youtube teacher I've ever seen! At last count I've seen over 12,000 clips and I am a guitarist of 30 years plus of playing